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Authentic Essential oils

  • Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. We guarantee that our oils are 100% authentic. Our essential oils are uniquely backed by the SureSource Guarantee.
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  • Our premium quality products transform lives. From targeted care to daily essentials & weight management, our natural products feature the best raw ingredients the earth has to offer.
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  • Zyto Compass prioritizes your body’s preferences for nutritional supplements through biocommunication & generates a report showing which products your body prefers to improve health.
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Herbs by Design, Casper, Wyoming, Health, Wellness, Herbalist

I am here to help you understand your healing process; everyone is different. The journey to energy, health and wellness lies within each of us. We heal from the head down and from within out. Did you know that your body follows your mind?  Your mind does not follow your body. Since the body is an expression of thought, feeling, eating and past living, changing our thinking is the first step toward wellness.

I LOVE helping you uncover what it is you need to know to achieve your goals. There are two questions that I always ask a new client, “What do you want to change?” and “How well do you want to be?”

I have a successful group of managers who promote how to be well in a world that’s filled with toxins and misinformation. By understanding the natural laws of the body and responding accordingly, we gain our own power from within to direct our lives, not only physically and emotionally but mentally as well.


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